(This post is a bit of a diversion from my normal posts, but expresses thoughts I have had for some time).

A friend of mine sent me this video with the comment that it is the best flash mob she has seen.  I would have to agree.  Does this video tug your heartstrings?  Does it make you proud to be an American?  Do you feel for the veterans who came back to honor their fallen brethren?


I love that we honor our veterans – it is a reminder to us that the politics of the world can get a common man caught up in life or death situations over decisions they have no hand in.  Recently I went to visit my parents grave, and then took some time to visit those of the rest of my family.  My Uncle Jim was a career soldier and it warmed my heart to see that both he and my Uncle Jerry, also a soldier, were side by side with flags waving in the breeze.  My Dad, a veteran of the Korean War, also had a flag to honor his service.  I know they are not forgotten, as I know those flags were provided by veterans who visited the cemetery to make certain they were honored.

Watching this video filled me with emotion – seeing these elderly men who have lived their lives with the memory of a war they fought in their youth honored and respected.  It should serve as a reminder, that war isn’t just something that occurred years ago – but we have military people who are living and dying at this very moment in combat conditions.  I don’t see what being drafted or choosing the service has to do with the respect that we give our military.  At some point we lost sight of what the military does for us, either because our country became so big and we feel so sheltered from the rest of the world – or because we have lost trust in our political leadership and instead of taking it out on them, we look to the “grunts” and give them our snide or disparaging remarks.

Watch this video again, and truly see why these men are cheered, applauded, and respected.  Then look at a young soldier, preparing to go off on a mission he or she has no direct say in, and realize that history is repeating itself.  Let us not take out the frustrations we have over decisions made behind closed doors at top levels of leadership on the men and women who serve in the military. Let’s go back to the days where it is a respected career and we can all feel proud of our country again.