We are surrounded by a constant barrage of information to filter through and process to make it through a day.  Sometimes the path is laid out in front of us – clear and orderly, with pretty flowers planted along the way to guide us.  If you are anything like me, however, you will admire the path and the flowers, but find yourself looking off into the distance certain you see something shiny.

I have come to the conclusion, in my life, that there isn’t going to be something “better” perse… but there might be something that is easier for me to do, or more interesting.  I can make my life better.  It is a power that is within me, and only me, to do.  I can choose to look at the world as a place that is horrid and nasty, or I can look around and see the beauty that surrounds us all.

On a daily basis I look for something that will make me smile.  I am still haunted, at times, of the picture I took the evening before I discovered my father had died.  I had gone for a bike ride, not realizing that the reason my Dad hadn’t returned any of our phone calls was because he had passed away.  The photo doesn’t do the moment justice… but I stopped my bike and stared at the sky for a good 10 minutes.  An old wives tale, I had been told, was that when the sunlight streams through the clouds, like it did on this evening, it is the fingers of God coming to get someone He loved and bring them to Him.  I think that is why I remember this image so vividly, and even after the shock and pain of losing my Dad I come back to this picture in my head of the beauty of our world.

The picture I took while out on my bike

So much in our world is magnificent, so much of our own bodies exquisite, and our mind can hold the most wonderous of thoughts.  I do not know why we spend so much time belittling ourselves and overlooking the joy that surrounds us. I have found a few things in my life that I must do to feel good about myself – they are dancing and cycling – but I also look for the positive in the people around me, the events I must endure, and the activities I do.  For if it weren’t for all these little things that make me who I am, I might as well be dead to the world already.

Do you look for the positive?  The good in people, the good in life?  Does it motivate you, encourage you?  I can tell you it makes me feel young, makes me feel capable, makes me look around and enjoy what I have been blessed with.  I hope that someday when I pass on, there will be someone in the world who sees a sunset and smiles, thinking of me.