This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a true “Gentleman’s Farm”.  The origin of the word “Gentleman” has been used in several languages.  We have come to know a Gentleman as someone who does not need to work, is independently wealthy, and carries themselves in a certain manner – with all the proprieties involved.   A Gentleman’s Farm is basically a hobby farm, one in which a wealthy person can enjoy the luxuries of farm life.   Oftentimes the production on a gentleman’s farm is for personal use only, as is the case of my friends.

Come... sit... enjoy

I have known this couple for nearly 20 years now, and they have transformed their land into something breathtaking.  It is hard not to sit back and enjoy the beauty of their world, even when the mosquitoes are as big as dragonflies.  It was idyllic, it was peaceful, and they had some wonderfully surprising areas throughout their mini-estate.  I was granted permission to take pictures and post on my blog, and even though the pictures don’t do it justice – it will give you a small taste of what they have created.


What gardener would not be delighted with their very own potting shed?  Be it small, be it large – or whatever shape, it is place for the gardener to nurture and grow their plants.




Really… isn’t it what is inside that counts?  As you can see, this is more than just a potting shed.  When I came back into the main house after having stood just soaking in the ambiance of this “shed”, I had to go right up to my friend and tell her “That was the most fantastically whimsical, wonderful and delightful space I have ever visited!”



They have an outdoor gazebos, complete with a fan for those hot days, sitting amid the garden flowers.  What I absolutely adored about this was their use of space.  They make their own beer, and use the gazebos to support their own crop of hops.





You are probably gathering by now that I have become a tad bit enamored of their place.  My outright fear of bees prevents me from creating a garden such as theirs, but I do get the chance to live vicariously through them – without the upkeep.  It seems as though my children loved it every bit as much as I, as you can see from this picture I took of my boys playing.

Lastly, their farm isn’t just about hops, flowers, and buildings.  Oh no!  They also have a pair of goats they keep around for good measure.  In the time I have known them, they have also been known to have horses, a cow or two, pigs, turkeys, sheep, and a donkey.  They also have a resident mouser, i.e. cat.


I am a lucky person to have people like this in my life.  They  have created their own art through landscape – using their hands, their sweat, their imagination and letting nature enfold around them.  I learn so much every time I visit, and not just about horticulture.  About the beauty of life, the enjoyment of a passion, the love of nature.  It really is a beautiful world we live in.