This is one those sayings that isn’t just an old adage, it is a statement of fact.  I can’t imagine any of you not having experienced with your own eyes the swarms of insects you will see flying around lights in the middle of the night.  I have my horror stories that I could share with you, with one in particular overshadowing the rest.  I was in Tawas, Michigan, on vacation with my family when I went for a nighttime walk with several people.  We were in the dark for the first leg of our journey, walking toward the lights.  As we approached the street lights, we commented on the number of fish flies swarming around the lights, looking up with amazement.  To my absolute horror, the sidewalk crunched.  I looked down to discover mounds of fish flies.  Needless to say I might have a small phobia toward those buggers.  But I digress…

I decided to do some research tonight to come to the bottom of why a moth is attracted to light or a flame.  Apparently the jury is still out.  This has been investigated by many entomologists and they seem to have come to their own theories on the matter.  From what I could find, they either really don’t know?  Or all of them are right, and bugs are much more erratic and confused than we give them credit for.

This ties in with the point I had wanted to make anyway.  There are things in our life, where we don’t act any smarter than a mere insect.  There are people, or activities, or even places that we are attracted to for no apparent reason.  It might even be a food, or a vice, a particular color, or just shiny things.  There is no rhyme or reason for this.  Sometimes we know that this attraction is bad for us and yet we seem unable to change the direction of our mind.  Is it possible that an insect can give us some insight into the older and instinctual part of our brains?  Maybe we can give ourselves a break when we find ourselves unable to control certain attractions, knowing that there is some deep-seated reason for it – that might just be carried on in our genes from generation to generation.  I’m not suggesting that you can just discount a potentially bad or damaging attraction, because I would hope that the fact we are a higher functioning being would negate some of the stupidity that some people seem to possess.  I know that is wishful thinking.  However, I find it interesting to think that we actually might have some behaviors that are not all that different from a mere insect.

That being said, what is your flame?  What are you powerless to resist?