It’s my birthday too!  Well, if you are reading this on August 11th, that is.  I’m feeling a little melancholy this year.  My Mom always made a HUGE deal over birthdays – even as an adult.  My parents were sure to have banana cake (my favorite), and although they offered ice cream to me, they knew I didn’t like it with my cake.  See, I have this thing about my food touching.  The problem with ice cream and cake is that ice cream melts faster than you can eat it, thereby dripping into the cake and changing the consistency.  I am also one of those people who loves the frosting, but finds it too rich, so I normally only eat a part of it, in small bites, with my cake.  If you happen to stumble across a plate with just frosting and melted ice cream on it – it is probably mine.  Sorry.

My mom always thought summer birthday’s were hard (her’s was also in August, the 25th) because you couldn’t really celebrate with your friends.  She made sure mine was always special – some of my best memories have to do with hot summer days and birthdays.  I thought maybe you might like a little peek into my childhood, so I scanned in the pictures my parents deemed frame-worthy.  Enjoy a look into my life.

My mom holding me in the hospital.




I love this picture – Mom almost looks like she is in a crib herself.  Those are some bars they have going on.  Guess they thought she was in danger of falling out too?








My brother or sister probably know who is holding me.  However, I do know that is me in my baptism outfit.




I’m going to spare you the picture of my bare bum that my mother “had” to take.  Instead I will show you how much I enjoyed my first birthday cake.  Guess I had no problems with my food touching then!




I was a girl on a mission.  I had my hat, I had one glove, I had one slipper, and I had my sister’s flute.  That’s all you need in life, right?








I was told I loved that basket.  I spent many happy hours in that basket.  I can assure you I turned out perfectly normal and no longer have basket preferences.  I wasn’t even disturbed to discover my own children have a thing for baskets.  Guess it runs in the family?




In case you wondering – yes… that is our kitchen sink.  I can still remember having my baths there.  I cried when I outgrew it.  You can see the pure enjoyment in my face.





Me?? Defiant?  Never.

You can’t prove it!



Maybe a little.






Too bad the sun has done some damage to this shot.  I can still remember Mom buying me those saddle shoes!

Me.. and my doll.

Another doll shot.. guess I wanted to give them equal opportunity camera time.

























As a Spartan Alumni, this is a painful shot to see.  I knew I loved green & white early on in my childhood – but the big “M” makes me sigh.  Fortunately it stands for Miller, as in Chester Miller – which was the grade school I attended.  Yes, I was a cheerleader, for a brief but shining part of my life.


This is when I hit my awkward stage.  It didn’t help that I hit it with not only long, ungainly limbs, but the biggest glasses known to man.  At least I could see, I guess.  That’s a plus… um, yeah, right.



Flash forward a few years to high school.  That’s me trying to look cool in the front row with the white windbreaker.  Left to right those were my high school friends – Julie, Shannon, Me, Barb & Lisa.




Me, at my birthday a few years ago.  Notice the pink skulls 🙂






Recent picture of me.  2011.





Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better.  I really enjoyed putting this together to share with you.  It was fun walking down memory lane!