Andre Gisson "Hot Summer Day"

It’s that time again.  The air is sultry and hot.  The mosquitoes are so thick, it’s like a nightly blood drive in your backyard.  Everyone is tan, with sun streaked hair, and smelling of chlorine.  The adults look with panic at their calendars, quickly calling their friends to set up dinner dates, sleepover’s, or pool parties.  Every day, when you open your email, you discover a new set of meetings or class schedules.  Yes, it’s that time.  Time to say goodbye to summer and prepare for fall.  Time to get together and discuss what we are going to do with our lives as the weather cools.  Time to show up for meetings sweating, hairy kinky from the humidity, to develop a plan for the coming months – taking into account the snow and ice we will eventually see.

My children at WDW this past spring

I am very much a planner.  I like to know what I am going to do, what is expected of me, and what responsibilities I have.  I try to be relaxed and flexible about it, but even on vacations I find it impossible to just sit with my feet in the sand, soaking up the sun.  I prefer going to Disney World, making arrangements for dining, planning which park to go to on what day, and mapping out our trip.  This makes me happy, it makes me feel satisfied, and a good plan will never let you down.

Not everyone is like me, much to my dismay.  Some people prefer waiting until the last minute to create a schedule, and will not leak any information out no matter how much they are bribed or threatened (kidding about the threatened part, I would never do that!).  When dealing with these evasive and sneaky people, I find my anxiety rising.  Sometimes it isn’t one person I can blame – it is an entity.  Then your hands are stuck, for you get lost in a system of voice mail or email hell that leaves you feeling like you were running around in circles which you undoubtedly were, as you called to get yet another voice mail for someone who probably doesn’t even exist.

So, I am left in a lurch as we trudge through the month of August, swatting at bugs, taking calamine baths, and wondering if that bump is a spider bite or a bee sting.  I want to know what to expect, come September.  I am forced to attend meeting after meeting to create schedules, why shouldn’t others?  I finally discovered when school is starting (September 6th – what I had to go through to get that information would surprise you), but I have yet to get enough of my children’s class schedules to make any sort of plans in my life.

Which brings me to a burning question I am having of late.  I would love to take more than one dance class this coming fall.  I have debated the merits of taking another, lower level, ballet class vs. taking a jazz class.  Currently my studio does not have an adult jazz class, so I would be taking this class with the younger kids.  That doesn’t bother me, necessarily, as I have humbled myself a long time ago when I walked on the floor to dance – but I wonder if it would be utterly ridiculous of me to consider it.  The jazz teacher is the one who suggested it in the first place, feeling that some of it might be a little quick at first – but I should be able to keep up (notice the “should”).  I already know it will be a night that will work with my schedule, because it is the rare person in our world who schedules anything for a Friday night (except, of course, our studio and this class).  I cannot fully commit to the class until I have received all information from my children’s ongoing activities for the fall – but I am, dare I say, excited over the prospect.

And so I am left, dear reader, with a full calendar in the month of August – meeting with various groups, making plans, preparing for the fall… but unable to finalize my own dance schedule.  My gut instinct is to sign up for the class – rest of the world be damned (kidding – I’m obviously not that self-absorbed).  I’m at a stalemate, though, waiting for others to dictate my schedule.  In the interim, I guess I will twiddle my thumbs, obsess over the right decision and ride my bike… oh… and don’t forget those meetings, dinner dates, sleepover’s and pool parties.  Might as well enjoy while I wait!

My boys going fishing with some friends a few weeks ago