The best days are the days you wake up with some clarity of mind, some purpose to pursue for the day.  You wake up invigorated, almost eager to tackle the day.  You nearly bounce out of bed, looking forward to what is to come.

I wish I had this feeling more often than I do.  For the most part I can say I wake up, but I’m not fully aware of who I am.  Some days I open my eyes and am completely surprised by my surroundings.  I hear the little voices that make up my current existence or discover a whiskered, furry creature in my face that begins purring incessantly.  I have a feeling that this particular cat, Princess, has been waiting for me for some time.  She has what we call a broken motor, so her purring isn’t the soothing sound you might expect.  It kind of spurts and sputters, creaks and changes speed as she lies there.  Her obviously happiness over my waking can only mean one thing – she is hungry and wants to be fed now.  If I could only figure out how to make my body move to get up, we would all be happy.

But let’s go back to those days where your mind is awake before your body and it greets the day with a smile.  Why isn’t every day like that?  Is it because there are days where we must do something we dread?  Or is it that we have started looking for easy ways out of everything… including the very days that make up our life?  I have found some passions in my life – I love going out on my bike in the early morning.  The cool air (except for today, where it was already 80 at 6 am… but I digress), the fresh earthy smell, the amount of animals moving around – some to go to bed, some waking up – it all makes me happy and drives me to go out and ride.  Ballet, that is physically demanding on my body and forces me to use all facilities while dancing.  My children who, for the most part, are lovely creatures that I enjoy coexisting with.

You would think given all these beautiful things in my life I would be eager to tackle the day, but apparently I find the rest of my life tedious and boring.  That’s not good.  Starting today, I’m going to look at everything in a different way.  I want to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  Ok, so I have new contacts too – but shhhhh… that’s not the point!  The point is – it’s a brand new day!  Just because I am forced to see everything in a new light is only marginal to the issue at hand.  Maybe, it will finally make my mornings elegant.