View of Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes from Empire, MI

I can tamp down my urges to go up north (Michiganders out there will understand this to mean anyplace in Michigan north of the middle of the state) throughout June – but come July, and it is almost a compulsion.  Kid Rock’s video reminds me a great deal of the fun we would have during the summer.  I have already made plans to go up to Traverse City (or TC, for those in the know).   Whiling away the time on a beach in Michigan isn’t just a hobby, it is an art form and rarely do you find a Michigander who doesn’t crave time “up north”.

I have a picture on my wall in my house that I bought one year while in Gaylord, Michigan while on a family vacation.  The sentiment is rolling through my head this morning, so I’m going to share it with you.  May all of you have “Up North” thoughts and dreams.

Up North

There’s a lot of talk about “up north.”  It’s the place everyone seems to want to go to escape the pressures and frantic pace of everyday life.  

But where is “up north”?  

For “up north” is not so much a location as it is a state of mind.  

So, how do you know when you’ve arrived “up north”?  When you feel the cares of the world begin to slip away…. When you find yourself breathing a little deeper because the air seems purer somehow… When you notice that the sky is bluer, the pines are taller and the people smile a lot more…

It’s then that you know you’re “UP NORTH”!