I did not intend to take a break away from my posts, simply because I knew if I did I would lose the ground I had gained.  However, life has a tendency to create obstacles that must be dealt with.  In the last few days my computer has had a complete overhaul, I assisted a friend of mine in the unloading and stacking of several hundred 60-80 lb bales of hay, I took my new bike out to continue my quest on becoming an awesome she-cyclist, and my ballet class resumed.   This is not including discussions I have had regarding the concept of a new financial blog, various board meetings, and just the everyday inconsistencies that my life has to offer.   Mainly, I blame the silence on my computer.  The other factors I listed are staples in my life, at least most of them are now.  I fell apart, however, when my computer decided it was tired of working for me.  We had to breathe some new life into it, coaxing it to carry on in the manner we had grown accustomed to.  It was touch and go for a while, and I found myself honestly wringing my hands and pacing as I waited to see the outcome.   Fortunately, the problem has been identified, fixed and I have adequately showered my computer with enough love and gratification to keep it running for some time.

Map of Tour de France 2011

I wish I could say I had used this time wisely to read through the books I had acquired, as well as perform some productive research.  Instead I read up on the Tour de France, which runs from July 2nd to July 24th.  It is made up of 21 stages, and covers 3,430.5 kilometers.  I have been witness to a lot of smack talk on Twitter, as well as read various forums discussing all aspects of the race.  I am not an expert in this field, but I find it fascinating to read from those that are.   It has me excited to get out on my bike, and has me seriously considering some day training hard enough to race.  I will never be pro caliber… I am way too old, but I do enjoy cycling so much that I am willing to spend hours out on my bike each week.  As much as it pains me, I’m also willing to look like a fool in order to learn more.  I distinctly hate being labeled as a “newb”, but the only way I will ever shake that title off is by not being so brand spanking new that I squeak.  I am getting there, and as much as it might make you laugh – I refuse to disclose how ludicrous I looked the other day.

In hindsight, I probably spend a lot of my time looking ludicrous.  I waited until I was in my late 30’s to begin ballet for the first time, and from there I have tried tap, jazz and belly dancing.  I cannot tell you why I started doing things at an age that most people settle down and become complacent.  I have to take whatever time I can get out on my bike, early morning, afternoon, evening – and I’m not always the one out there who is dressed like the perfect cyclist (although I try, because it can be a bit of a snobbish sport).

One of my numerous pairs of skull shoes

I have a penchant for skull clothing, which has trickled over into my ballet uniform more than my instructor cares for.   Because this is ballet, and out of respect for her, I try to keep the skulls pink or feminine.  I am eclectic, a bit eccentric, easily amused, and passionate about life.  I truly want to try it all (at least, those things that don’t scare the dickens out of me).     I have absolutely no regrets in life – although I do have a few things in my closet I kind of wish weren’t there.  Everything that has happened to me has done its best to make me into the woman I am – and she seems pretty ok.

So, now you know why I have been so silent.  I have missed writing – but I have to agree that as much as this blog has a purpose, the real reason I am doing this is coming to a head.  I’m now working on the rough draft of my story, as well as getting my life into a manageable style I can live with.  As long as I get to smell the fresh air, see how fast I can roll my bike down a hill (with me on it, of course), how high I can leap in ballet, and spend time laughing and enjoying my family…. it is all good.

I’m back though, did you miss me?