Feedback can be a wonderful part of our lives.  It can benefit us in such positive ways and make us better people.  Sometimes we receive negative feedback, but if you approach it right you can even spin that to be a plus to your life.  Everything is really a learning experience.  I have mentioned before that I am fortunate to have several wonderful teachers in my life.  Although I am currently pursuing a writing career, that didn’t just begin when I wrote this blog.  I have been studying all aspects of writing for years.  I have had many professors and teachers to that end.  I have a fantastic ballet instructor who knows when to push and when to back off.  She has taught me to be graceful – but it goes beyond what we do in class.  Proper fueling and hydration is key towards being a dancer as well.  I have soaked up her wisdom – watching avidly as she critiques others to learn.  My Sensei for martial arts was very old school, but he also was able to successfully incorporate what we were learning into our every day lives.  When I learned to sew, I sought out teachers who were knowledgeable.  I went from barely knowing how to use a sewing machine, to making quilts.  I almost always recommend seeking out an expert when you want to learn something new.

The Upside Down Bicycle - from "The Cartoon Blog" by Dave Walker

So why do I bulk when it comes to riding my bike?  I am uncertain if I want to race – I’m highly competitive so I can easily see that taking over my life.  I don’t just go out for joy rides though, I like to ride fast and hard.  I want to make the most of the time I am out there, listening to driving music, feeling the muscles burn, delighting in how far and how fast I can go.  I laugh out loud going down steep hills and look at each new hill as a challenge.  And yet…. I have only had a few people float through my life who had knowledge.  Admittedly they were experts in cycling, but I am finding that I am the type of person who needs the ability watch, learn, and soak it in.  I have looked, without success, for a cycling group in my immediate area.  If I am willing to drive a distance I can find some groups, but the times that they ride are not in my schedule.  I have turned to the internet for some answers, but there doesn’t seem to be an all-inclusive place to go if you have mundane questions about mental, physical and technical issues.   I will keep muddling along as best I can, but I crave the feedback.