Way back in high school I was in the play “Alice in Wonderland”.  I got to be the White Rabbit.  I loved that part, very easy for me to play because I was pretty uptight as a teen.  I wish I could do it over though.  I am more confidant in my acting now and not so worried about messing up.  The only character I ever played with complete abandon in my youth was when I dressed up as an Egyptian while the marching band played “Walk Like an Egyptian”.  I wore a belly dancing costume – but my face was covered with a golden mask – I was incognito (supposedly).  But I digress…

I love the Queen of Hearts.  In almost every rendition of “Alice” that I have ever read or watched she is fascinating.  I can’t say I identify with her, but I am often left in awe of the absolute power that she wields.  Not that I am envious… no!  My thoughts run more in the direction of what I would do if given that sort of power.   I don’t really want that kind of responsibility in my life.  I have enough, thank you very much.  It makes me laugh how ludicrous she is, and yet still continues to be absolute dictator.

The following clip is from The Royal Ballet – Alice in Wonderland.  The Queen of Hearts – Zenaida Yanowsky.  It mixes two of my loves.  I hope you enjoy it like I do.