My daughter and our ballet instructor, Miss Liz

Why is it that we need to be inspired?  Do other animals have to seek out inspiration or have motivational quotes plastered on their walls in order to get their tasks done?  Why are we so different?  Sometimes it is difficult to recognize those things that are beyond our control.   We end up getting depressed or frustrated over the situation – which trickles into other aspects of our lives.  Once that starts to happen, we find it almost impossible to get ourselves motivated to do the tasks at hand.  I think it all comes down to purpose.  How many times have you had a goal in mind and you find yourself unwaveringly working toward that goal?  It gives you fulfillment.  For a time it defines you.  Sometimes that sense of purpose is larger than just a simple goal.  It becomes such a part of you that everything in your life is centered around this purpose.

I have known many people who have been passionate about their purpose in life.  For them, it isn’t work – it is a focusing of their strengths.  Throughout my life I have tried to determine where my personal passion lies.  To this end I have attempted a plethora of activities.   The list is rather extensive so I won’t delve into all of them at once.   The endeavors that have lasted the longest period of time for me were ones in which I had excellent teachers – who were truly motivated to teach me the finer points of my undertaking.  I am the type of person who wants to know “why” I must do the things I do.  Whether is comes from the physiology of the body and why the movements are created the way they are, to the mental perspective of overcoming difficult and damaging thought processes.

I have been extremely fortunate in finding experts along the way.  When people have discovered something that they love they are almost joyous in their discussions of it.  They can get you excited about learning it too.  If their love falls in line with something you are interested in you may find yourself walking way far more knowledgeable than when you began and slightly dazed over what just happened.  It’s a wonderful world we live in.  No matter what your interest, I am certain you can find something to be passionate about.

I originally started this post because I was feeling singularly unmotivated this morning.  I actually debated about writing in the first place.  I’m glad I did – I feel better about myself.  I feel like I just genuinely accomplished something.  Funny how motivation works, isn’t it?