Today’s post is going to be pretty brief.  As much as I want to become a published author, I also need to dedicate some time towards sprucing up my blog (and I’m a tad bit worried about Judgment Day – would hate to be stuck inside if it actually happens).   I have found some wonderful suggestions on the net with regard to making a more attractive page, and it also helps that my husband is a computer geek… ahem.. Software Engineer.  Between the two I am sure we can come up with something a bit more eye-catching and enjoyable to read, instead of the same tired blog you have been reading.

If you get a free moment, before you too are enraptured, any suggestions – from color schemes to fonts, pictures to buttons – will be considered for use or to be discarded 😛  If you are too busy grasping your dreams before the end of the world, I will understand.  I might just be out there with you.

See you on the flip side!

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