There are a LOT of blogs out there.   We are talking millions!  It’s a little daunting when one is beginning and starts to do research on them.  It’s also a readers world right now, so much information you can gather, so many thoughts to pick through.

What is a blog, really, though?  I find it fascinating that a “diary” is taboo – something you don’t share with anyone, and yet people are out there blogging, tweeting, texting, and using Facebook to discuss anything and everything that pops into their head.  We are willing to share with virtual strangers the ins and outs of our day and our thought processes in a desire to connect with other humans.  Is it the fact that when you write it is a nameless, faceless person who is likely to read it?  Even if it is your best friend, if they aren’t standing next to your computer reading as you write – we don’t see their reaction, or get a good human feel on the situation.  I hate to say it, because I am certain I have been guilty of this myself, but a lot posts just come off as complaining.  It is like they are mad at the world and it is pouring off them, showing up especially in their writing.  Maybe I need to get mad more often…. or maybe not.  I think my friends and family might prefer me to stay the relatively harmless soul that I choose to see myself as.  Somehow I think that my being mad isn’t at all pretty, and once you get to know me you will come to find out how terribly vain I can be.

Me and my phone

I’m new to twitter and I find it rather amusing to read what people spout off about.  Sometimes it is like a train wreck – where you just wonder what the heck they are going to say next.  Texting I am quite familiar with, and probably could be accused of texting way too much.  Last month I sent and received 3,526 texts and pictures.  Now, if some of you are sitting there in shock – it is a slippery slope.  I started off a light texter – normally preferred to call and chat than to text.  It was my friends, I tell you!  They started texting me, I felt compelled to text them back.   As none of us seem capable of letting the other have the last word…. well, you can well imagine what happened.  If you haven’t texted yet, you should try it.  Maybe even with me – I am certain to text you back.   I would be more than happy to teach you the ins and outs of texting techniques.  Just don’t expect me to shorten my words too much, I am very verbose and it shows up even in my texts.  On second thought, before you begin texting me you might want to upgrade your plan to unlimited.  It will save you money in the long run.

So I ask you this – what are YOUR favorite blogs?  What about them do you like?  Is it just because the person is funny and makes you smile?  Or do they give you pause for thought?  I am just starting to read blogs as well as write this one, so any input will be greatly appreciated.  I have several reasons for asking (1) I am an avid reader, and could always use new material; (2) I am curious as to the mechanics behind the creation of a blog and what makes it interesting; (3) research – what do people really like; and (4) just idle curiosity.

Feel free to text, tweet, message or just reply to this post.  I promise to give all a thoughtful reply.

And remember… don’t text, tweet, FB, or blog while driving.  Although most of us have probably done it, it is not safe or terribly smart.  Lets keep each other safe and enjoy life!