It is elusive to me, difficult to control and always creating immense stress in my life.    I am in a constant state of struggle with time.  It frustrates me, it infuriates me, and it is the bane of my existence.  That being said, it is also a solid part of our lives and must be tackled in order to move forward and not stagnate.   For me, this will probably be the single most difficult aspect of my writing.  I have been accused of being a very busy woman.  I seriously don’t know where they get that from.  I mean, come on!  I don’t work, although I am part on the board of directors, a volunteer group for EWSD, take ballet 3 days a week, active in my church, not to mention all my children’s activities and the fact my husband works 1.5 hours away.  Throw in my other commitments and voila…  Okay!  I guess I am busy.  But to my defense – I LIKE to be busy.  I like having something to do.  I can honestly say that I am never bored.

I am, however, in need of learning proper scheduling techniques.  I have set my own schedule now for a long time.  Most of my adult life I have had jobs that I was my own boss (helps being the President of a company, I guess) .   I have a great deal of willpower when it comes to something important to my life, but I lack the ability to create adequate schedules to accomplish the most out of my day.  I am rarely late to a meeting (notice I said rarely, not never) or to any of my scheduled appointments.  My children are somewhat washed, almost always have clean clothes, and only occasionally complain of starving.  My husband, when I see him, seems content and satisfied with my parenting techniques.

So, on my list of goals to become a writer – time to write, as well as juggle my other commitments will be my first and foremost task.  I am giving serious consideration to FlyLady (http://flylady.net) to aid me in my housekeeping endeavors.  I already use 3 calendars – yes 3.  Two are on my phone, one is on the wall in the kitchen.  I have 3 because my google calendar (https://www.google.com/calendar) is shared with others important in my life, however, I prefer the Cozi Calendar (http://www.cozi.com) setup to google, and the wall calendar (http://www.moretimemoms.com) is for everyone else who wants to see just how busy I am.  Of course, maybe that is really part of my problem?  I am spending so much time updating my various calendars, I am taking away from other, very important aspects of my life… like cleaning the living room, washing the dishes, unpacking from vacation… sigh.

They say that for every minute spent on organizing, an hour is earned.  Guess it is time to go make some changes!