I have, for some time now, had a thought niggling around in my head.  Actually, I’ve had a number of thoughts – but the one of most import here, on this blog, is the fact that I want to write.  I am a writer, have written many short stories, articles and the like, but haven’t actively pursued a writing career.

Until now…

I have decided that all these ideas, story lines, and imaginations of the mind must be put out on paper.  I am researcher at heart.   I love to learn new and exciting things (well, sometimes boring things as well), and have been told on occasion that my sarcastic wit can be entertaining.  To that end, I hope that by journaling (hence this blog) my adventure into the world of writing I can help others, obtain help from those far more knowledgeable than I, and provide a bit of enjoyment along the way.

So why would I name my blog “Pen on Pointe”?  A few years ago I decided to take up ballet.  I ended up falling madly and passionately in love with the art of dancing.   It makes me smile, it changes my mood on a dark day, and it keeps me in relatively good shape.  The entirety of ballet – performance, physical skill, makeup, costumes, practice, music, and mental endurance – are what keep me coming back.  As I am certain my continued passion for the art of ballet will sneak into the pages of this blog, it was a good fit.  I am not in pointe shoes yet, but through hard work and continued practice (much like writing) I hope to someday lace them on my feet.

Lastly, the intent of this blog is not to sound out my ideas of my future novel.  I actually, right at this moment, have absolutely no idea what I will end up writing.  My interests run from cycling to ballet, science fiction to romance, heavy metal to dance music (although, rarely does country enter into the mix).  I plan on testing out various different themes and as I know from past experience, one storyline will surface to the top and it will be nearly impossible to stop the flow of words.  However, the rest of the journey is one in which I plan on sharing with the world – or at least those of you who care to read what I write.

It will be an exciting journey and I’m thrilled to be moving in this direction.